Things to consider when designing a home gym


Deciding to invest in a home gym can be a great way to boost your overall health and take your fitness to the next level. Not everyone has the time to go to the gym or the budget to pay ongoing memberships. Although a home gym can be a large outlay of money, in the long run you will definitely save in excess of thousands of dollars. Here are some things to consider before deciding to invest in a home gym.


Measure out your space to design the functionality of the room

First thing to do is decide where your gym is going to be. Try to keep it away from bedrooms especially if you are going to be using it early mornings or late nights and love to have music playing. A garage or basement is sometimes your best option. Once you have decided on where it is going you need to have a look at how much space you have. This will determine what you will realistically be able to fit in.


How many people are going to be using it?

Consider whether you will be training alone or if multiple people will be using the gym at the same time. This will determine the layout and flow and is extremely important. This will limit how many bulky pieces of equipment you buy and what equipment you buy depending on who will be using it.



Personally I would budget for commercial rubber gym flooring. Yes it's more expensive (roughly $35 per 1sqm tile) but it is durable and shock absorbent as they are generally 15mm thick. This is excellent for maintaining the surface underneath and for any weights that drop. It also eliminates the amount of noise and vibration that you get when weights hit the floor.


Cooling, heating and ventilation

Natural ventilation is important and is a lot healthier than always relying on air conditioners. However during the middle of summer and winter it can get quite hot and cold respectively, depending on where you live. This will determine whether or not to consider investing in an air conditioner. If you have ducted air conditioning then it may be a simple extension to the existing ducts with an additional zone for controlling. If you are considering a split system unit then you need to consider where the motor will go.


Do you need technology such as TV?

TV’s are a great idea but not for watching TV! Consider a TV where you can upload your workouts onto the screen for a gym like feel and avoid you having to look at your phone all the time. Other things to consider are power, data connection, wireless speakers etc.



Ultimately your budget will dictate what equipment to buy. And your budget will be dictated by what your goal is. Are you after more cardio equipment than weights or vice versa or are you after a combination. It is always a good idea to go into a commercial supplier and organise an appointment to speak to one of their consultants. If they have your budget and room size they can come up with multiple options for you to consider.


Health and safety

It goes without saying that yours and everyone else in the household's health and safety is paramount. Consider things like child locks, where equipment is placed, trip hazards, first aid kits and defibrillators. The safer the environment the more conducive to good health the gym will be.

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